Moving on… From 1666 to the Victorians!

This week sees a change of Humanities topic in Year 2. We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London but are just as excited to learn about the Victorians. Thursday and Friday will be particularly exciting as everyone in Year 2, including the teachers, will be dressing in Victorian style clothing and visiting Wisbech Castle as well as having a Victorian style school day! 

We are going to be finding out all about the reign of Queen Victoria, who was, until recently, the world’s longest reigning monarch. We will also find out about two amazing women who changed nursing for ever – Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. 

If you are planning a visit to London over half term, the Florence Nightingale Museum is located at St Thomas’ Hospital and is well worth a visit. Click here for more information! If you’re travelling by train, you might want to visit the Days Out Guide website beforehand as you can download a voucher which will entitle you to 2 for 1 entry to the museum with your train tickets! More about that here!

Building the (1666) Streets of London…

The finishing touches have been put on our Tudor style houses now and we were excited to see them being used to create a wonderful Great Fire of London display in the corridor. We started by covering boxes with sugar paper. Next we drew lines for the wooden frames and painted them on. Once they were dry we carefully added details such as the leaded windows and door handles using black felt tip pen. We think they look great! 


We have also been learning more about the monument to the fire which stands near Pudding Lane in London. James brought in his certificate to prove that he climbed the 311 steps to reach the top – we all thought he must have been really tired by the time he had climbed 311 steps down again! Libby showed us a photograph of herself and her brother standing at the bottom of the monument. If you’re going to London over half term, perhaps you will be abke to visit the Monument and maybe ebpven clib all those steps? Click here to find out more.

Durga Puja

We were extremely lucky to welcome two visitors to Year 2 on Friday afternoon. Tarannum’s Dad and Grandma came to tell us all about the Hindu festival of Durga Puja. We learned lots of things and all of the adults were most impressed at how well we had listened as we answered lots of difficult questions in the quiz at the end of the presentation. We all received medals and sweets and then enjoyed colouring in some pictures related to the story. Click here for more information about Durga Puja.


Evacuating London during the Great Fire – Y2’s boats are ready!

We are really enjoying finding out about the different aspects of the Great Fire of London. Lots of people saved their precious belongings on the boats of the Thames and many escaped on boats too. We are preparing a display for the corridor and needed some boats for the River Thames. We had to work really hard to follow the instructions to fold the boats in the right places at the right times! It was quite tricky but the finished boats look fabulous. We know that they wouldn’t really have been brightly coloured in 1666 but we want our display to be colourful and our boats to be individual. Why not have a go yourself? Click here to follow the same instructions that we used.  


A New Year and an Amazing Discovery!

Mrs W, Mrs H, Mrs L and Mrs B were delighted to welcome the new Year 2 pupils to school on Monday morning and we’ve all been enjoying getting to know each other. Nothing had prepared us, however, for the phone call that came in the middle of this morning’s Humanities lesson! We were busy learning about the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys when Mrs L and Mrs B rushed in to say that the LJS gardener was on the phone. Mrs W took the call and excitedly agreed that we would go out to the woodland garden to investigate! The box was apparently near the bird table and we all eagerly headed out to see if we could find it. 

Imagine our amazement when we found the box, complete with a label that stated it was the property of Samuel Pepys and had been buried on 4th September 1666! Having discussed the sorts of things that Samuel Pepys buried in his garden to protect them from the fire, we decided that it would be OK to open it and take a look inside… There was no sign of his famous diary but we worked out that as it had been published many years before, someone else must have found that already. Some of his other treasures were in the box though, namely a bottle of wine and some cheese! Even better news was that somebody had replaced what would surely be very mouldy 350 year old cheese with in-date child-friendly cheese snacks! Some of us ate some of the cheese to check it was safe to eat…

We are loving learning about the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys. James was excited to tell 2W that he had visited the monument to the fire which on the corner of Fish Street Hill stands 61 metres from where the fire started. It is close to Monument tube station in London. If you’re in London, why not take a look? A word of warning though – although the monument is very tall at 202 feet, it is not easy to see until your are next to it and look up as it is surrounded by tall buildings! Click here for more information on the Monument. 


A Quick Catch Up…

It’s been a while since our last blog so here are a few photos and a little bit of information about what we’ve been up to!

Well… We’ve had another visit from the RNLI, this time from Mike Major who brought dressing up clothes as well as talking to us about Grace Darling.

We’ve finished our lifeboat and lighthouse models – they look fabulous!

We have raised money for the RNLI by wearing our wellies and doing a treasure hunt. Mrs W was thrilled that the Infants raised £420!

We have made our own string printing cards and printed seaside-themed pictures.

We’ve been pretty busy haven’t we?! Just over a week to the summer holidays and we’re as busy as ever, not to mention pretty hot with the lovely weather.





Lifeboats and Lighthouses – Year 2 will keep you safe at sea!

We have been thoroughly inspired by Grace Darling and the work of the modern RNLI and have been busy making clay models to reflect our topic. Ogre the past few weeks we have carefully modelled our clay and now in the middle of the important painting process. It is taking us a while to finish them but that is because we are taking great care to ensure that they are finely detailed and carefully finished. Here is a sneak preview… 


We do LEGO WeDo!

We have really enjoyed working with the LEGO WeDo kits this week. Working in pairs, we followed the onscreen instructions to construct the sailing boat model. Mrs W asked us to work with people who we wouldn’t normally work with and it was great to be with different people! Mrs W reminded us of the importance of following the instructions ‘to the letter’ and some of us heeded that advice whilst others didn’t… We soon found out why Mrs W had said ‘be careful’…! We discovered evidence that if any component is only slightly out of position there are major problems later on; either the model will not work or another component will not fit later in the build. We also found that we have to look very carefully to find the different components in our boxes! 

We really enjoyed making the models and programming them. 


A Very Special Visitor

This afternoon we were very excited to welcome another visitor from the RNLI to talk to us about Grace Darling and the amazing work of the lifeboatmen and women. Mrs H and Mrs W were very impressed by all the information that we had remembered when we were aneri Mike’s questions. We also learned lots of new information. Did you know that the RNLI needs £150 million each year in order that they may carry out their work? We have a fundraiser next week so hope to help them out a little.

A particular highlight of the visit was when we re-enacted the Grace Darling story using a few costumes, a piece of rope, a couple of chairs and a pair of oars.

Huge thanks to Mike for coming to talk to us – we really enjoyed it!

Grace Darling brought to life…

The children in Year Two have loved dramatising the Grace Darling story over the last couple of weeks. First of all they worked in groups of three on a short play and even brought props in! After they had rehearsed and performed in front of an appreciative audience (the whole year group!) they were given the task of writing Act Two. The finalised scripts are very impressive and the children worked extremely well as teams. Each team member had a specific job to do – the scribe, sound checker and ideas person were all equally important and listening to each other proved to be crucial. 

Some Year Two children enjoyed the plays so much that they carried on at home and we were thrilled to hear tat this was happening. One interesting addition at home was that Grace Darling’s mother was admonished for applying lip gloss and delaying the rescue! What a wonderful thought…