Monthly Archives: May 2013

Clay, Clay, Clay!

Our links with the RNLI continue as we are painting our clay models of lighthouses and lifeboats. Don’t they look brilliant? We have loved making them, using special clay techniques and are taking great care to paint them so that they look authentic.



LEGO Lighthouse Fun

Look at the brilliant LEGO models made by Edward and Charlie today. Charlie’s launch ramp and lifeboat are ready for action just in case there is a rescue to be carried out. Charlie also made a very impressive looking lighthouse. Edward’s lighthouse, the shorter of the two, comes complete with a mechanism at the base which is ready for wire to be attached to the light to turn it. We were clearly inspired by yesterday’s visit by the RNLI!


RNLI – Saving lives at sea

Year 2 were lucky to have a visitor today. Trevor Danks came to talk to us about the RNLI and the amazing work they do. We learned how to stay safe on the beach and what to do if we see someone in trouble at the seaside.

Some of us are already members of Stormforce, the RNLI’s club for children. A link is included here if you would like to join.
Find out more about Stormforce here.


Smile for the camera!

The big excitement of today is the class and group photographs which have been taken. It’s a very exciting process – instead of standing in a big group we pose in small groups of 2, 3 or 4, kneeling, standing, sitting or even laying down! When all of the photographs have been taken, the editors at the photography company will use computers to put the photographs together to make a long class photograph and it looks as if we were all standing together when it was taken. Our teachers and teaching assistants had their photographs taken too. W had to say some funny things to get us smiling!

We all had our photographs taken for the class picture and some of us also had them taken for the Infant Choir photograph. When we are in Year 3 next year we might be in lots and lots of photographs; for sports teams, music groups and chess groups…

Reading frenzy!

2RW were very excited this morning when we went to visit one of the Reception classes. Mrs W is so pleased with our reading that she said we could read to the youngest children in the school. We really loved reading to them (some of us even got to read to our younger brothers, sisters and cousins!) and they enjoyed it too. Some of us have asked when we can do it again!


Grace Darling – a Victorian Heroine

Year Two have been learning about the amazing bravery displayed by Grace Darling on 7th September 1838 when the SS Forfarshire ran aground on the Big Harcar Rocks in the Farne Islands. It is safe to say that we are obsessed with all things related to the sea and the RNLI at the moment so we are really looking forward to next week’s talk by the RNLI.
We have also been comparing seaside holidays today with those enjoyed by the Victorians 150 years ago.

Click the link below for a brilliant video clip that we have been enjoying on the BBC website.

Pirates ahoy!

This morning we were lucky enough to be invited to join the Reception children for the beginning of their Pirate day. We started by learning about the history of pirates – Pirate Ron was very funny but also learned lots of new facts. One of our favourite facts was that pirate ships had no toilet!

After break we watched a brilliant puppet show and one of us commented that Pirate Ron was very clever to act and then operate the puppets. Thank you to Reception for inviting us and to the PFA for funding this treat!