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Sports Day Memories

Written by Year 2 pupils about school Sports Day

I loved Sports Day! It was so fun, in fact it was epic! We did high jump, five steps, sprints races, hurdles, javelin (with foam javelins!) and shot putt.
We came to school in our PE kits and coloured house t-shirts. We lined up for each event in alphabetical order by surname, girls then boys. Our hearts were pounding with excitement!
For the high jump we put flour on the tips of our fingers and jumped up as high as we could to touch the board. We also had gummy bears after each event which were yummy!
Sports Day was outstanding this year! We shouted encouragement to our friends when they were competing. It was a great day for everyone!
The sprint finals finally came – they were great! We all sat with our house teams, singing songs and cheering loudly to will our team-mates to victory.
The prize ceremony took place after the picnic lunch. Whitmore were the eventual winners – well done, Whitmore!


Our Afternoon in Year Three

Written by Year 2 pupils about our recent ‘move-up’ afternoon when all pupils get a taste of their new class, classroom and teacher.

About 3A… We loved Year 3, it was full of excitement. One of us was completely…PETRIFIED! Actually though, it was OK! It was like going to Year 2 but upstairs and with desks. Our new Year 3 teacher is called Mrs Ashby and she is a super artist.

About 3R… Mrs Rothnie asked us to design and make peg names for the cloakroom. Out of the window the view is amazing! We get desks that can open.

Amazing Animal Art

Written by Year 2 pupils about painting pictures for the Oundle Veterinary competition relating to the forthcoming performance of Babe the Sheep Pig at the Stahl Theatre in Oundle in July.

Our paintings about Babe the Sheep Pig were great. We wish we could do it again. Everyone’s paintings were great. We started with a blank piece of paper and ended up with an amazing picture. Some people at the start did not even know what Babe the Sheep Pig was. First we watched bits of Babe the Sheep Pig film and it looked wonderful!! The original book was written by the famous author Dick King Smith. We had to swap chairs at times. Yesterday, whilst we were at lunch, a judge from Oundle Veterinary Surgery came to look at our pictures. Two from each of the Year Two classes were chosen to be displayed in the foyer of the Stahl Theatre when the play is performed in July.

Long time no see…

Hello! We have been so busy over the last fortnight that we haven’t had time to blog… The children have written some snippets of information which have been memorable for them over the last couple of weeks and these will follow.
Today is our Speech Day and we all took part in a rehearsal yesterday morning in the marquee. Luckily it doesn’t look like it will be too hot this year, although we may get washed away!
Monday will see Year Two heading off on end of year trip – we will try to find time to blog about that on Tuesday!

The Clay Models are Complete!

Here they are, the long awaited clay models that we have been so busy working on for the past few weeks. We are so proud of them and can’t wait to take them home but at the moment they’re creating wonderful displays in our classrooms. After painting them we added the final details using black felt pen. Don’t they look brilliant?
Some of us have been so inspired by the work of the RNLI and the story of Grace Darling that we have persuaded our parents to take us on holiday to the Bamburgh area… Mrs Waterhouse is so excited that even she is heading north for the summer!



Fabulous Friday!

Phew! Friday has been just as busy as the rest of the week! Today in Year 2 we have put the finishing touches to our clay models of lifeboats and lighthouses – we think they look amazing and promise to post some pictures on Monday.

We’ve also continued with our secret adjective-related mission from earlier in the week – to be revealed next weekend!

We’ve loved the sunny weather this week – it makes playtimes even better… Here’s hoping for more sunny playtimes next week!

Happy weekend everyone!

Exploring Amazing Adjectives!

Do you know what an adjective is? We do! An adjective is a word that is used to describe something or someone.
We have been exploring the world of adjectives this week but we can’t say too much about what we’ve written as it’s part of a Father’s Day surprise… Shhh!
Our teachers have been very impressed with some of the adjectives we’ve been using though, including ‘inspiring’, ‘handsome’, ‘imaginative’ and ‘incredible’. Our favourite one was ‘mischievous’ and it was used to describe one of our dads who apparently likes to play jokes on other people; we decided as a year group that mischievous was probably the best adjective for the job!

We’ve started our last half term in Year 2 now and we can’t believe we’re nearly in Year 3!