Sports Day Memories

Written by Year 2 pupils about school Sports Day

I loved Sports Day! It was so fun, in fact it was epic! We did high jump, five steps, sprints races, hurdles, javelin (with foam javelins!) and shot putt.
We came to school in our PE kits and coloured house t-shirts. We lined up for each event in alphabetical order by surname, girls then boys. Our hearts were pounding with excitement!
For the high jump we put flour on the tips of our fingers and jumped up as high as we could to touch the board. We also had gummy bears after each event which were yummy!
Sports Day was outstanding this year! We shouted encouragement to our friends when they were competing. It was a great day for everyone!
The sprint finals finally came – they were great! We all sat with our house teams, singing songs and cheering loudly to will our team-mates to victory.
The prize ceremony took place after the picnic lunch. Whitmore were the eventual winners – well done, Whitmore!

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