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Raising Money – and enjoying a cake at the same time!

This morning we all loved going along to the Macmillan Coffee Morning being run by the PFA to raise money for a charity called Macmillan. Macmillan do a fabulous job supporting those being treated for cancer and we were pleased to be able to help out by bringing donations in return for a drink and a delicious cake. Click here for more information about Macmillan and the work that they do.




London’s Burning!

London’s Burning at LJS! The Year Two children and staff have been busy preparing their corridor display for the past few weeks. Thanks to our lovely TAs the display is now finished and can be seen in this post. The children are delighted to see their hard work on the wall and said they were ‘proud’ and ‘amazed’ to see it up there. It looks stunning – we hope the mummies and daddies will enjoy seeing it on Tuesday evening and that our visitors on Open Morning (Friday 4th October) will enjoy it too.







We can’t believe it is a week since we last blogged! We have been finishing our Tudor houses for our Great Fire of London display. Having covered our boxes last week, we took great care drawing the detail onto the facades of the houses before painting the wooden beams and doors this afternoon. We are still loving learning about the Great Fire of London!
Earlier in the week we began learning how to create a poster using Publisher. We practised making text boxes for the title and other information. Did you know that a triple click highlights a whole sentence or paragraph? We do in Year Two! Our posters will display information about Samuel Pepys or the Great Fire of London and our teachers are looking forward to creating another lovely display with them.





A Special RE Lesson

Today in RE we were very proud to share special books which we had brought in from home. Our books took many forms – from Bibles to prayer books; from story books to books recording our own lives from babies to now. It was lovely to see so many special books and we all enjoyed listening to each other talking about them.





Magical Maths

Today we’ve been busy working out where numbers fit onto number lines and looking at place value. We loved rolling dice to make 2 digit numbers and writing them down before thinking about their number line positions. The dice were special ones – the first had units from 0 to 9 on and the second had tens numbers from 00 to 90 on.
Of course, we haven’t just been doing Maths. We also looked at the ‘wh’ digraph in spelling and thought of lots of words with the ‘wh’ sound at the beginning.
2AW have done PE with Mr T today; we enjoyed practising our throwing and catching with balls of all sizes.
2RW’s gymnastic PE session with Mrs G concentrated on ‘points and patches’ – great fun!


Friday Fun!

Although it seems a long time since Monday, the week has flown by and before we knew it, our art and humanities afternoon was upon us.
We have been busy mixing paints to create a suitably muddy colour which has been painted onto paper ready to be fashioned into the River Thames for our upcoming Great Fire of London corridor display. Let us tell you that mixing a muddy colour takes great precision and care. It’s also a lot of fun, as Mrs B found out!
Our other task this afternoon was to make some quite sophisticated paper boats. Following instructions taken from a website, we first had to colour an A4 sheet of paper using wax crayons (this should make the boats more waterproof if they should ever encounter real eater, although they should be fine on our display river!) and Mrs L then supervised the folding process which was quite intricate and for which we needed our very best listening skills! Follow the link below if you’d like to visit the website which we used.

It’s fair to say that staff and children alike will sleep well tonight after a busy and successful week.






Half way through the first week!

The first week is flying by and we have been very busy with all sorts of new experiences with our new teachers, teaching assistants and classmates. The eagerly awaited string lessons took place this afternoon. The Music blog has been updated with news of the first Year 2 sessions – the link to the post is included for ease!

We also logged on to the computers this afternoon to learn a little about the Great Fire of London whilst having a bit of fun too! Please feel free to use the link below if your child would like to have another go at the game at home.

Welcome to Year 2, 2013 – 2014!

A big welcome to all of our Year 2 pupils and parents. We a fabulous first day in Year 2 yesterday. We talked about what interests us and made posters to illustrate these. They are on display in our classrooms and we are starting to bring in photos, objects and information to add to the display.

It was lovely to welcome lots of parents to our presentation last night; we hope you found it useful and have received a copy of the PowerPoint presentation. Please contact us if you need any further information.

Our first topic is Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London. We are just starting to find out about this amazing event. We are going to be making our very own Tudor houses and so would like the children to bring in empty boxes, especially cereal boxes please.

The link below is one we will be using in school and gives lots of information about Samuel Pepys. Watch out for more links in future blogs!