Friday Fun!

Although it seems a long time since Monday, the week has flown by and before we knew it, our art and humanities afternoon was upon us.
We have been busy mixing paints to create a suitably muddy colour which has been painted onto paper ready to be fashioned into the River Thames for our upcoming Great Fire of London corridor display. Let us tell you that mixing a muddy colour takes great precision and care. It’s also a lot of fun, as Mrs B found out!
Our other task this afternoon was to make some quite sophisticated paper boats. Following instructions taken from a website, we first had to colour an A4 sheet of paper using wax crayons (this should make the boats more waterproof if they should ever encounter real eater, although they should be fine on our display river!) and Mrs L then supervised the folding process which was quite intricate and for which we needed our very best listening skills! Follow the link below if you’d like to visit the website which we used.

It’s fair to say that staff and children alike will sleep well tonight after a busy and successful week.






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