Laying the Table, Victorian style!

Our table laying task was more complicated than we first thought. It was for a light four course lunch, including a fish course and wine, so three different plates were needed as well as three different types of knives – a butter knife, a fish knife and a dinner knife. We had to be very careful with the real china plates and real wine glasses. Our senior servants (normally our teachers and TAs) looked a little nervous! We also had to fold a napkin neatly. Some of us got to try folding a napkin into the shape of a crown – not easy but look how well we did! Here is what we thought!
Sam – I liked setting up the table.
Luke – My favourite thing was setting the table because Mrs. Wallace got to say a score out of 20. Me and Oliver tried our hardest.
Marie-Anna – I really liked laying the table!
Bobby – My favourite bit was all of it! I liked setting up the table.



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