Washing Day, the Victorian Way!

Lots of us really enjoyed using a posser to wash the clothes and scrubbing them on the washboard before putting them through the mangle (safely!) and hanging them carefully on the clothes horse. The soap had to be swished around in the water from a special wire basket. We decided it must have been really hard work doing all the washing without electricity. Here are our thoughts about the washing:-
Poppy – I liked the washing. I was a bit afraid when I was using the mangle but I did it!
Harry – My favourite bit was the washing.
Eva – I liked the washing and using the mangle. I liked rubbing the clothes.
Alec – I was terrified when I had to do the mangle but I soon did it and I found that it wasn’t that bad at all!
Monty – I love Wisbech Castle. My favourite was the mangle. It was great fun. First I was scared then it wasn’t bad at all.
Archie W – I was scared but it was fun!





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