What’s a Thaumatrope? Ask Year 2!

This afternoon we made our very own Victorian toys. Many people have never heard of the word ‘thaumatrope’ – have you? As Year 2 now know, a thaumatrope is a Toy that is thought to have been invented in the 1820s, just before Queen Victoria came to the throne. It was a popular toy throughout Victorian times and is a simple optical illusion which is easy to make. We had great fun deciding what pictures to draw and working out where to position them in order that they would be effective. Once the holes had been punched and the string tied on, we excitedly started to spin our pictures around before letting them unwind and watching carefully to see people posting letters, fish in tanks and even a crab biting a toe! It is quite hard work spinning the pictures round but one enterprising pupil decided he had the perfect solution for making the task easier – ask a friend to do it for you!
Why not click on the link and follow the instructions to make your own thaumatrope?






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