Strings Concert Excitement!

On the evening of Thursday 16th January Year 2 were thrilled to be invited to perform at a concert at Oundle School Chapel. The concert also featured performances by Oundle School Strings and the prestigious Royal College of Music String Band. We were very excited when we went to the chapel to rehearse in the afternoon! In the evening, six teachers and 24 children waited patiently for the concert to start; we were third on the programme so were lucky enough to listen to the older pupils and students perform first. It was, quite literally, breathtaking! We were amazed by the music that we heard and sat listening in awe. ‘Wow!’ was being mouthed as we listened and one Y2 pupil was heard to gasp, ‘They’re WAY better than us!’ Whilst that was true, we have to remember that we have only been learning to play our violins and ‘cellos for 4 months and the other performers have had many more years of practice! A particular highlight for some of us was seeing the incredibly large double bass instruments – some us even got to have a little go, despite the instruments being twice as tall as us! It was, quite simply, a fabulous evening and we loved listening to the music as well as playing ourselves.





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