Monthly Archives: February 2014

Magical Maths!

We have been learning all about 3D shapes and have loved decorating nets to make some of our own. We made predictions about the different shapes that the nets would make. We impressed our teachers by remembering the words vertex (corner) and vertices (corners)! We are really good at counting the faces, vertices and edges on cubes, cuboids, square-based pyramids, cones and cylinders.










African Art

Year Two have loved learning about Africa and, in particular, Kenya. Our sunset pictures look pretty spectacular on display on the corridor and have now been joined by our African tribal face paint designs.
First we found out about face painting in tribes and what it means. We then created our own designs on paper face outlines before transferring our designs onto masks. We were able to use paint or felt tip pen on the masks and really enjoyed the process. We hope you like them!



Djembe Fun

Having waited patiently for a couple of weeks, the remaining Year Two children finally got to take their turn at African drumming on Wednesday. Mrs W got to join in too and was keen to hone the skills she had failed to display on stage at Crash into Christmas back in December!
Mr Matthews put us through our paces and taught us that us left hand would be used for the middle of the drum whilst the right would be on the edge. We managed to copy some simple rhythms and surprised ourselves by copying some more complicated ones too. We even had a go at making up our own rhythms and performed our solos really well. Huge thanks to Mr Matthews for giving us the opportunity to have a go. We loved it and a few of us were keen to ask our parents if we can take up percussion lessons. Incidentally, Mrs W’s skills were much improved – one child was heard to say, ‘You were much better than you were on stage, Mrs W. You seemed less nervous too!’.




Sensational Sunsets…

We have been inspired by the African sunset prints in our classroom and have loved creating our own versions of a Kenyan landscape at sunset. We started by painting the background with a wash of graduated colours; we started with a thin mixture of yellow paint and then gradually added red paint, using each new shade on our paper. We then used black paper to make silhouettes of trees (baobab and acacia), animals and grass to stick onto the background. The effect is quite stunning and we love seeing our work on display in the corridor, although we were a little sad to see the Great Fire of London display come down!







We do LEGO WeDo! Do you?

In our ICT lessons this Quarter we have been really excited to be creating models with the LEGO WeDo kits. We have found that it is really important to follow the on-screen instructions really carefully and that working in a pair takes consideration and good teamwork. Taking your time is important too as a part in the wrong place makes a big difference later on. So far we have made Drumming Monkeys and Hungry Alligators and have been very excited when we have connected them to the computer to program them. We can’t wait to make Dancing Birds next…














Hendrick Avercamps in the making!

Year Two have been finding out about the Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp. Avercamp is famous for his winter scenes, usually featuring people skating. We looked at his use of detail and learned about artistic terminology such as perspective and horizon. We noticed that all of the people in the paintings are dressed in clothes that are very different to ours. We also noticed that his paintings usually feature horses and carts, a large building, smaller buildings and trees.

We really enjoyed drawing the detail on our own versions of the painting and included a horizon as well as trying to use perspective by including larger people towards the front of the picture and smaller ones further back. We coloured them in carefully using pencil crayons and then used a shimmery colour wash to add a feeling of ice and cold. We’re really proud of our pictures and hope you like them too!

Click here for more information on Hendrick Avercamp.