Hendrick Avercamps in the making!

Year Two have been finding out about the Dutch artist Hendrick Avercamp. Avercamp is famous for his winter scenes, usually featuring people skating. We looked at his use of detail and learned about artistic terminology such as perspective and horizon. We noticed that all of the people in the paintings are dressed in clothes that are very different to ours. We also noticed that his paintings usually feature horses and carts, a large building, smaller buildings and trees.

We really enjoyed drawing the detail on our own versions of the painting and included a horizon as well as trying to use perspective by including larger people towards the front of the picture and smaller ones further back. We coloured them in carefully using pencil crayons and then used a shimmery colour wash to add a feeling of ice and cold. We’re really proud of our pictures and hope you like them too!

Click here for more information on Hendrick Avercamp.



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