Monthly Archives: March 2014

Loopy with loop cards!

Year Two love using the loop cards in Maths. Sometimes we time ourselves to see if we can beat our own record! The ones we were using today test our mental maths skills by asking us to add ten to given numbers. We all have to stay on ball and concentrate!



Shoo Rayner – Inpsirational Author and Illustrator

This morning Year 2 (and Year 3) were lucky enough to go to the Shoo Rayner Kid Lit event at Oundle School’s Great Hall, as part of the Oundle Festival of Literature. Shoo spoke to us about how he writes his stories, how he plans his idea and drawings. He also told us that he is dyslexic and as a child, found it incredibly hard to write down all of the wonderful story ideas that he had in his head. He said that having a computer is helpful but he wishes he had learned to type properly. He also showed us how he draws his illustrations and read one of his books to us. We were inspired by his words of wisdom and really enjoyed the session. Our teachers were incredibly proud of our outstanding behaviour. A big thank you to LJS PFA for funding this visit. If you’d like to learn to draw like Shoo, try his YouTube channel!