An Exciting Discovery!

There was excitement this morning in Year 2 when both 2H and 2W were in the middle of a comprehension lesson. We were just enjoying finding out a bit more about the Great Fire of London when Mrs Laxton rushed in to say she had Ady the LJS gardener on the phone. 2W quickly joined 2H and listened as Mrs W spoke to Ady. It turned out that Ady had been digging in the woodland garden and had found a box with Samuel Pepys written on it. He knew that Y2 were learning about Samuel Pepys and thought that we might like to take a look.

When we got to the garden we found a box with soil and leaves on it with a label which read ‘Property of Samuel Pepys’ – so exciting! We could hardly wait to open it and talked about what we might find…

Inside was a very dusty bottle of wine and a small waxed cheese – if you don’t know why, ask the children! We also found Babybels and Cheese Strings.

When we got back to our classrooms we ate the cheeses whilst discussing what we would write. Great fun and tasty too!












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