Abacus Maths Homework… Ready, Set, Go!

The day that our willing Year Two pupils have been waiting for has finally arrived… Online homework has been allocated to each of the children to be done at any time before next Monday – the link is below. If you have any issues, please email your child’s class teacher and we will try to help. Once logged on, go to ‘My Stuff’ and everyone has two activities to complete. Enjoy earning those coins!

Click here to log on to Abacus at www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

The Year Two team have had a great start to the new year and wanted to share a couple of funny conversations that have been overheard…

On the way to lunch, two girls commented on the motorbike in the car park. Girl A – ‘That’s a nice green motorbike?’
Girl B – ‘Ooh yes. I’m going to have a motorbike when I’m grown up. Are you?’
Girl A – in disbelief – ‘yes of course! Mine might be pink though.’
We love the fact that equality is alive and kicking here!

Girl C – I’m going to retire when I’ve done my A-levels so that I don’t have to go to university. I’ll have worked hard by then and will need a rest!

Boy A, this morning, the 7th day of Year 2 – Mrs W, we haven’t been on a school trip yet this year! When will you be taking us out?

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