Monthly Archives: February 2015

Whipsnade Zoo

What a way to spend a Wednesday! Year 2 had a wonderful time at the zoo this week. We were very lucky to start our day with an educational talk which wowed the children. First our senses were tricked by the marvels of camouflage and how it operates in our environment. The children were amazed by just how many stick insects can hide themselves in one very small area! We also had the pleasure of meeting Ebenezer who was a lovely friendly snake. She was happy to meet and greet and children and we took full advantage of the opportunity to say hello. We then spent some time touching, feeling and discussing a variety of exhibits. I have to say, the staff were most impressed with the insight and knowledge shown by the children. After lunch we explored the zoo on  our own steam. Our Kenya topic was brought to life by the many African animals we saw. The Giraffes evoked the most ooohs  and aahs and the very sweet baby hippo looked very content tucked in next to his mum.






Year Two go Coding Crazy!

Our journey into the world of computer coding continued today and we learned a few new tricks including designing our own backgrounds.

We found we could make objects and people disappear as well as move in different directions. Some of us found a slight flaw… it is very confusing if you assign a left movement to a right arrow! A quick reprogram soon sorted that out!

We were also very excited to think that we would be able to save our work to the school gallery and that we can view them from home. Some of the work is in progress or steps in a longer progress – we hope you enjoy taking a look here

Half Term Looming…

Half term may be just a week away but we will be very busy in Year Two for the next 5 days. As well as our Andy Warhol-style bird’s eye view pictures to finish off, we also have sunset colour washes to finish before we can add silhouettes to represent a town or village. Not to mention more maths, grammar and writing to complete along the way!

On Friday we went out to see our brothers, sisters and friends in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 run in the House Cross Country competition. It all looked great fun – tiring but satisfying to cross that finishing line! There was quite a lot of mud too which looked more appealing to some of us than others! We loved shouting for our house although we’re not sure who won overall.

On Wednesday we were very exciting as we tried our hands at a new area of the ICT curriculum – coding. There has been a lot about coding in the newspapers and on television recently and we thought it was great! We really enjoyed being computer programmers and our first task was makings a fish move to the left or right of the screen. It was our choice and we were in control. We’ll let you know how we get on as it gets more complicated!



Times Tables Tips!

How have you been learning your times tables? There is no right or wrong way, whether you are working on your 2s, 5s, 10s or tricky 7s! Everyone learns in different ways. Some people find a song or rhyme helps them to remember – there are lots of times tables CDs for sale and there are songs on YouTube too. Other people find that simply learning them by rote is the best way for them. Writing them out may be the way that works best for you. There are also lots of apps and games available for tablets and computers. Some of the ones we like in Year Two are Squeebles Times Tables, Cloud Tables and Math Bingo. There are many more though, some free and some for a small charge.
Another way of learning and having fun is to play a game. One game that has been played in Mrs W’s house this weekend was Fairy Tables, a card game produced by Mathstraks Games. It was great fun and involves matching the multiples to the times table story but you can’t repeat the characters! It got a bit competitive between the 8 year old and the 14 year old and is not as girly as the packaging suggests as there are fire breathing dragons and handsome princes as well as princesses! Mathstraks Games are the brainchild of Lesley Higgin, a maths teacher who wanted to find a way of making maths more fun for her own children. (Maths fact – Mrs W went to primary and secondary school with Lesley’s sister!). There are other games called Mathical Creatures and Monster Maths which look fun and Mrs W plans to buy them soon to try out on her own unsuspecting children…