Half Term Looming…

Half term may be just a week away but we will be very busy in Year Two for the next 5 days. As well as our Andy Warhol-style bird’s eye view pictures to finish off, we also have sunset colour washes to finish before we can add silhouettes to represent a town or village. Not to mention more maths, grammar and writing to complete along the way!

On Friday we went out to see our brothers, sisters and friends in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 run in the House Cross Country competition. It all looked great fun – tiring but satisfying to cross that finishing line! There was quite a lot of mud too which looked more appealing to some of us than others! We loved shouting for our house although we’re not sure who won overall.

On Wednesday we were very exciting as we tried our hands at a new area of the ICT curriculum – coding. There has been a lot about coding in the newspapers and on television recently and we thought it was great! We really enjoyed being computer programmers and our first task was makings a fish move to the left or right of the screen. It was our choice and we were in control. We’ll let you know how we get on as it gets more complicated!



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