Monthly Archives: March 2015

Extraordinary Solar Eclipse

What an amazing morning! Mrs Pearson treated us to a wonderfully clear explanation of a solar eclipse this morning and we then watched live television footage on the large screen in the hall. Each year group was lucky enough to join Mrs Pearson on the playground to view the eclipse using special solar viewers to keep our eyes safe. Mrs Pearson had explained how dangerous it is to look straight at the sun, whether there is an eclipse or not. We looked down at the ground then placed the viewer over our eyes before looking towards the sun and the sight we saw was simply incredible! We also viewed the sun through an ordinary kitchen colander – each hole projected a crescent onto a piece of paper! 

Click here for more information about the eclipse!

We noticed that the birds stopped singing, the light outside was most peculiar and it got very, very cold.

We were , quite simply, overawed by the whole experience!


Terrific Tie Dye

Year Two art has been very exciting over the last couple of weeks. As well as completing our Kenyan silhouette pictures, we have been preparing plain white t-shirts for tie dyeing. Instead of string we have used elastic bands to tie the material. We had a few ideas as to how we could create different patterns and were all very excited to see them begin to come to fruition today. We learned that we could create striped by rolling the t-shirt up and then positioning rubber bands all along at intervals. Marbles and dice have been secured with rubber bands to leave small circular patterns. Sunburst patterns have also been popular – to achieve this effect we had to pull the middle of the t-shirt up into a point and then put rubber bands all along the piece which was sticking up. Some of us found twisting th stunner bands into place quite hard. Unsurprisingly the girls, who have lots of practice with hair bobbles, generally found it easier than the boys!

The process of dyeing began today and we have had three colours to choose from – red, blue and yellow. Not the house colours, in case you were wondering, but rather colours which might be used for clothing in Kenya. First we had to place the tied t-shirts in the bucket of dye and stir it very carefully with a stick. As you can imagine, we were covered with aprons and wore protective gloves too… Just in case!

After stirring it for a few minutes, the t-shirts were rinsed thoroughly and then came the tricky job of removing allthose pesky  rubber bands! The results were worth waiting for as you will see from the photos. We can’t wait to wear them!

Year Two’s OFoL Adventures at the Great Hall

Last Thursday Year Two were lucky enough to attend an Oundle Festival of Literature KidLit event with Alex Milway. Alex is an author and illustrator and he treated us by reading not just one but two of his books from the Pigsticks and Harold series. He also showed us how to draw both Pigsticks (a pig ego likes adventures) and Harold (a hamster who is Pigsticks’ ever-so-slightly reluctant assistant). We also saw a cartoon featuring the characters. Alex is hoping that it will be commissioned by  a TV company so we will be looking out for the intrepid adventurers hitting our screens in the future. We have got signed drawings on our classroom doors – they are fantastic!

Huge thanks to our wonderful PFA who fund our trips to the festival each year. 

Click here for more information about Alex Milway and his books.

African Drumming

What a treat we have had this afternoon in Year 2. As part of our Kenya topic, we were delighted that Mr Matthews found half an hour in his busy timetable to run an African drumming workshop. We all got to have a go with an African drum, actually called a djembe. Mr Matthews tapped out simple beat and we had to answer him with a specific rhythm. Some of us found it easier than others but we all really enjoyed ourselves. We noticed that the decoration on some of the drums was very colourful. Thank you, Mr Matthews!