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Grace Darling brought to life…

The children in Year Two have loved dramatising the Grace Darling story over the last couple of weeks. First of all they worked in groups of three on a short play and even brought props in! After they had rehearsed and performed in front of an appreciative audience (the whole year group!) they were given the task of writing Act Two. The finalised scripts are very impressive and the children worked extremely well as teams. Each team member had a specific job to do – the scribe, sound checker and ideas person were all equally important and listening to each other proved to be crucial. 

Some Year Two children enjoyed the plays so much that they carried on at home and we were thrilled to hear tat this was happening. One interesting addition at home was that Grace Darling’s mother was admonished for applying lip gloss and delaying the rescue! What a wonderful thought…



What do you know about water safety? We know lots!

Last Friday we were delighted to welcome Mike Alcock back to LJS to talk to Year 2 about the RNLI and water safety. Mike is a volunteer who visits groups and schools on behalf of the RNLI Education department. He told us how to stay safe at the beach and when near rivers and other bodies of water. We learnt the meaning of the different flags that can be seen at the beach and now know when we should and should not go into the sea. Mike also told us about that the dangers of the sun the how we can stay safe and protect our bodies.

Find out more about the work of the lifeguards by clicking here.
Both of our classes have Stormforce membership which is the junior club for children which helps to support the work of the RNLI. Every child received a magazine and some are already members. 


 Click her to find out more about Stormforce.

Marvellous Maypoles!

single plait in action Single plait wowThe infants treated us all to some wonderful country dancing this afternoon. The sun was shining and the skipping was a plenty. Year Two produced a double and single plait on the maypole, not to mention a variation on the traditional ‘Three in Hand’ which involved four pairs of children plaiting with all sixteen ribbons. They made it all look smooth and easy…no mean feat!

Judging by the smiles, head nods and foots taps from the audience the occasion was a great success. The weather was perfect too – what a wonderful way to spend a sunny May Day afternoon.