Monthly Archives: June 2015

A Quick Catch Up…

It’s been a while since our last blog so here are a few photos and a little bit of information about what we’ve been up to!

Well… We’ve had another visit from the RNLI, this time from Mike Major who brought dressing up clothes as well as talking to us about Grace Darling.

We’ve finished our lifeboat and lighthouse models – they look fabulous!

We have raised money for the RNLI by wearing our wellies and doing a treasure hunt. Mrs W was thrilled that the Infants raised £420!

We have made our own string printing cards and printed seaside-themed pictures.

We’ve been pretty busy haven’t we?! Just over a week to the summer holidays and we’re as busy as ever, not to mention pretty hot with the lovely weather.





Lifeboats and Lighthouses – Year 2 will keep you safe at sea!

We have been thoroughly inspired by Grace Darling and the work of the modern RNLI and have been busy making clay models to reflect our topic. Ogre the past few weeks we have carefully modelled our clay and now in the middle of the important painting process. It is taking us a while to finish them but that is because we are taking great care to ensure that they are finely detailed and carefully finished. Here is a sneak preview… 


We do LEGO WeDo!

We have really enjoyed working with the LEGO WeDo kits this week. Working in pairs, we followed the onscreen instructions to construct the sailing boat model. Mrs W asked us to work with people who we wouldn’t normally work with and it was great to be with different people! Mrs W reminded us of the importance of following the instructions ‘to the letter’ and some of us heeded that advice whilst others didn’t… We soon found out why Mrs W had said ‘be careful’…! We discovered evidence that if any component is only slightly out of position there are major problems later on; either the model will not work or another component will not fit later in the build. We also found that we have to look very carefully to find the different components in our boxes! 

We really enjoyed making the models and programming them. 


A Very Special Visitor

This afternoon we were very excited to welcome another visitor from the RNLI to talk to us about Grace Darling and the amazing work of the lifeboatmen and women. Mrs H and Mrs W were very impressed by all the information that we had remembered when we were aneri Mike’s questions. We also learned lots of new information. Did you know that the RNLI needs £150 million each year in order that they may carry out their work? We have a fundraiser next week so hope to help them out a little.

A particular highlight of the visit was when we re-enacted the Grace Darling story using a few costumes, a piece of rope, a couple of chairs and a pair of oars.

Huge thanks to Mike for coming to talk to us – we really enjoyed it!