Fasten Your Seatbelts

This morning Year Two were excited and surprised when they returned from break to be given boarding passes…to Nairobi in Kenya!  Having found our seats aboard the classroom aircraft we then viewed the LJS airways safety briefing. We watched in amazement as we took off from Heathrow; white board technology had allowed us to view this on screen from the cockpit. The 8 1/2 hour flight passed in a flash and in no time at all we were landing with a wonderful view of Nairobi!

We wanted to find out about Kenya but first shared our existing knowledge. Then we discussed what we would like to find out next. Mrs W and Mrs H were most impressed by the ideas and questions posed.

Having written down our questions we settled in for more discussion based around a presentation relating to the location of Kenya. We found it most interesting to compare Kenya with England and are looking forward to finding out more as the weeks go on.

Our time in Kenya was over all too quickly and before we knew it, we were landing back at bp

cockpit screen shot


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