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Kenya Takeaway Unhomework

Last week Year Two’s new takeaway ‘unhomework’ menu was launched. The children were very excited to receive their menu. It includes many different choices – starters, main courses and desserts. The ‘unhomework’ tasks can be completed in any way you like! So far we have got loads of different and exciting projects on display and there are lots more to come!

As you can see, we have been very busy and are enjoying being able to choose what we are learning and how we are presenting our learning. We have jewellery, a Maasai mud hut, word searches, a LEGO model of a National Park designed by the builder, some Kenyan flags, some African drums, information about the big five and a map; not to mention several ‘safaris in a shoebox’! Mrs H, Mrs W, Mrs L and Mrs B are wondering what will come in next…


African Drumming

What a treat we have had this afternoon in Year 2. As part of our Kenya topic, we were delighted that Mr Matthews found half an hour in his busy timetable to run an African drumming workshop. We all got to have a go with an African drum, actually called a djembe. Mr Matthews tapped out simple beat and we had to answer him with a specific rhythm. Some of us found it easier than others but we all really enjoyed ourselves. We noticed that the decoration on some of the drums was very colourful. Thank you, Mr Matthews!




Djembe Fun

Having waited patiently for a couple of weeks, the remaining Year Two children finally got to take their turn at African drumming on Wednesday. Mrs W got to join in too and was keen to hone the skills she had failed to display on stage at Crash into Christmas back in December!
Mr Matthews put us through our paces and taught us that us left hand would be used for the middle of the drum whilst the right would be on the edge. We managed to copy some simple rhythms and surprised ourselves by copying some more complicated ones too. We even had a go at making up our own rhythms and performed our solos really well. Huge thanks to Mr Matthews for giving us the opportunity to have a go. We loved it and a few of us were keen to ask our parents if we can take up percussion lessons. Incidentally, Mrs W’s skills were much improved – one child was heard to say, ‘You were much better than you were on stage, Mrs W. You seemed less nervous too!’.




African Drumming!

On Wednesday afternoon some of Year 2 were lucky enough to have an African drumming session with our Percussion teacher, Mr Matthews. African Drumming session 1
As you can see we had a fabulous time and Mr Matthews was very impressed by our concentration and skills. The second group of children will gee a chance to have a go in the next couple of weeks. Many thanks to Mr Matthews for finding the time to work with us.