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Year Two’s Big Print

In Year Two we love a ‘Big Write’: we rearrange the tables in the classroom into a horseshoe shape, put some calming (LED) candles on a table in the middle, add in some soothing background music and write. Today we applied the ‘Big’ principle to another area of the curriculum – art. Today was ‘Big Print’ day although the children spent a few moments guessing what sort of ‘big’ activity lay ahead! Big Write, Big Clay Painting, Big Exam and Big Dream were put forward as suggestions… 

After writing our names on the paper (an important but easily forgotten task!) we chose which colour paint to use for our own string prints. We made the blocks by gluing string on top of the seaside-themed pictures that we drew onto squares of cardboard. We carefully dabbed the paint onto the string before turning the block over and pressing it down onto the paper, whilst not smudging the image. We were really pleased with our work. We talked about how art is creative so it doesn’t always looke exactly like you think it’s going to but that’s ok!

Can you tell what our pictures are? 



13 artistic techniques a child should know – LJS on show at the Yarrow Gallery, Oundle

On Friday 28th April Laxton Junior School’s very first art exhibition was unveiled at the Yarrow Gallery in Oundle. The work on show is the culmination of lots of hard work by every child at LJS; some of the work was completed at out whole school Art Day in February; other pieces were created during the course of the year in class or at clubs. Every child has at least one individual piece on show, as well as having contributed to collaborative work. The result is quite spectacular! It is the first time in the 44 history of LJS that we have been given the wonderful opportunity to display our work in the Yarrow Gallery.

Yesterday Year 2 visited the gallery to admire their own work as well as that of everyone else. Many of the children and adults had already visited one or more times with their families but for some it was their first sight of the exhibition. Everyone was really excited to see their work displayed in such a professional way. It was fabulous to see the progression throughout the 13 artistic techniques a child should know. We could see how our work compared to other year groups who have used the same techniques. A series of seven drawings of shoes shows one drawing from each year group, demonstrating perfectly the progression in observational drawing from the age of 4 up to 11.

We loved peering through the Reception children’s Kandinsky installation, admiring the Year 6 totem representing a murmuration and Year 3’s birds in the sky, as well as the clay sculptures from Reception, Year 4 and Year 6. We even tried to recreate the faces we pulled for our photographic portraits!

The Year 2 work on display comprises:

an installation; a collaborative piece of work which was created by weaving a plethora of textures and colours of wool, ribbon and fabric onto CDs;

photographic portraits, taken by the children of their friends using iPads and then edited by the budding photographers;

photographs of natural collages, inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy;

a cloud of watercolour bubbles showing three watercolour techniques taught to us by Mrs Anna Sanderson on Art Day;

a collaborative textile piece which includes a square of fabric by every Infant pupil; Year 2 worked with Mrs Clayton on Art Day to produce tie-dyed squares to frame the work completed in Reception and Year 1;

pastel observational drawings of daffodils on mini canvases;

Kenyan inspired tie-dye t-shirts;

Kenyan and Oundle silhouette pictures with colour-washed sunset backgrounds;

a pointillism Masaai shield, recreated using every Year 2 child’s fingerprints in paint.

The exhibition is on daily but if you haven’t yet been, you’ll have to be quick – it closes at 5pm on Saturday 13th May for the final time! It is open to the public, free of charge from 10.30 to 1.00pm and 2.30 to 5pm daily.

LJS Art Day Part 2 – Weaving on CDs

Our second activity is in full flow! We are using left over wool, ribbon and scraps of fabric to weave on old CDs – recycling at it’s best to.  






 They will be hung in the Yarrow Gallery as a piece of collaborative artwork. They are labour intensive but looking amazing! We are using a wide variety of textures, thicknesses and colours – the effect is spectacular. More updates as we do more…

Year Two’s Andy Goldsworthy Art Antics

Year Two had great fun creating natural collages in the Woodland Garden last week. We were inspired by the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy who uses the environment and natural materials in his creations. We worked on our own to create individual pictures or abstract designs and everyone photographed their own work using the iPad. We then worked in our class groups to create large pictures of the Great Fire of London. We used the colours of the objects we found for the different elements such as fire and wood. It was great fun and we ended the session by putting everything we had used back where we had found it. You can find out more about Andy Goldsworthy by clicking here.

Terrific Tie Dye

Year Two art has been very exciting over the last couple of weeks. As well as completing our Kenyan silhouette pictures, we have been preparing plain white t-shirts for tie dyeing. Instead of string we have used elastic bands to tie the material. We had a few ideas as to how we could create different patterns and were all very excited to see them begin to come to fruition today. We learned that we could create striped by rolling the t-shirt up and then positioning rubber bands all along at intervals. Marbles and dice have been secured with rubber bands to leave small circular patterns. Sunburst patterns have also been popular – to achieve this effect we had to pull the middle of the t-shirt up into a point and then put rubber bands all along the piece which was sticking up. Some of us found twisting th stunner bands into place quite hard. Unsurprisingly the girls, who have lots of practice with hair bobbles, generally found it easier than the boys!

The process of dyeing began today and we have had three colours to choose from – red, blue and yellow. Not the house colours, in case you were wondering, but rather colours which might be used for clothing in Kenya. First we had to place the tied t-shirts in the bucket of dye and stir it very carefully with a stick. As you can imagine, we were covered with aprons and wore protective gloves too… Just in case!

After stirring it for a few minutes, the t-shirts were rinsed thoroughly and then came the tricky job of removing allthose pesky  rubber bands! The results were worth waiting for as you will see from the photos. We can’t wait to wear them!

Warhol and Colour Washing

This afternoon Year 2 have had an afternoon full of art. We have carried on colouring in our bird’s eye view pictures, this time using oil pastels. Some of us needed to finish off the felt-tip pen versions and they are looking great! We are using colours to create pictures in the style of Andy Warhol, an American artist who was famous for his pop art. We have two more pictures to colour in two more art mediums. Take a look at the Tate Kids site for more information about Andy Warhol.

Some of us have also created a sunset colour wash ready for a silhouette picture of our own localities. We started with a pot of watered down yellow paint and, once we had used it for a couple of stripes at the top of the paper, we added a spoonful of red paint to create a graduating sunset effect. By the end of next week we will all have had a go.






The Easter Quarter is underway…

avercamp-winter-scene-skaters-castle-NG1346-fmWe were all glad to be back at school on Wednesday ready for the new Quarter. Holidays are always fun but it is great to get back in a routine!

Our first topic of 2015 is Our Locality and we have already found LJS and Oundle on Google Maps. It was very interesting switching backwards and forwards between the map and satellite views and we really enjoyed dropping the yellow man onto the map and exploring using Streetview. Some of us managed to navigate from LJS to Oundle School swimming pool and we loved spotting the shops in the market place. Next week we are going to try to find our own homes using our postcodes. We did notice that buildngs look very different from a bird’s eye view… Even St Peter’s Church was difficult to spot because the spire was not easily visible from above.

Thursday morning saw us boarding a coach and making our way to Stamford Arts Centre to see Polka Dot Panto’s production of Aladdin. A fantastic time was had by all and Mrs Ormston even managed to make a stage appearance as herself!

On Friday afternoon we found out about a Dutch artist, Hendrick Avercamp and looked carefully at one of his paintings which he painted around 1608-9, over 400 years ago, called ‘A Winter Scene with Skaters near a Castle’. We discussed perspective and the fact that objects and people look smaller when they are further away. We also noticed that the people were not dressed in the same way that we would be if we were ice-skating! We then started work on our own icy scenes, first drawing a faint horizon line and then drawing people, trees and buildings. We have started to colour them in and next week will finish them off by adding a glittery colour wash using pearlescent paint with glitter.

You can find out more about Hendrick Avercamp via the National Gallery link. http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/hendrick-avercamp-a-winter-scene-with-skaters-near-a-castle

Beautiful Boats…

On Friday afternoon, Year Two have a fabulous timetable consisting of a triple Art and Humanities lesson. This week we followed instructions to create origami boats which will be used in our Great Fire of London display to depict those used to escape the fire.
Our first job was to colour one side of the paper in bright waxed crayon. Next up was the tricky folding part but the teachers and teaching assistants helped us out with this step!
It was quite complicated folding the paper this way but we all persevered and are really pleased with our boats.We can’t wait to see them on the display!
If you’d like to have a go at making origami boats, take a look at this link for more information.






Natural Art in the Woodland Garden

Year 2 were very excited to create some wonderful collages using natural materials found in the Woodland Garden but no glue or paper was to be seen anywhere! We carefully laid out our pictures and patterns made of twigs, leaves and other natural materials on the grass or in the outdoor classroom and took pictures using an iPad so that we can print them out to make a display. Our imaginations ran wild and our teachers were amazed by what we produced. We were pretty pleased with ourselves too and many of us concluded that we had surprised ourselves and really enjoyed this alternative type of artwork. We were excited to see an article about similar artwork in the National Geographic Kids magazine and Mrs W is thinking about submitting our pictures to the magazine as they are looking for examples to include. I wonder if you can guess what these creations are?




Amazing Animal Art

Written by Year 2 pupils about painting pictures for the Oundle Veterinary competition relating to the forthcoming performance of Babe the Sheep Pig at the Stahl Theatre in Oundle in July.

Our paintings about Babe the Sheep Pig were great. We wish we could do it again. Everyone’s paintings were great. We started with a blank piece of paper and ended up with an amazing picture. Some people at the start did not even know what Babe the Sheep Pig was. First we watched bits of Babe the Sheep Pig film and it looked wonderful!! The original book was written by the famous author Dick King Smith. We had to swap chairs at times. Yesterday, whilst we were at lunch, a judge from Oundle Veterinary Surgery came to look at our pictures. Two from each of the Year Two classes were chosen to be displayed in the foyer of the Stahl Theatre when the play is performed in July.