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LJS Art Day Part 3 – Watercolour Bubbles

After lunch we had another visitor to Year 2. Anna normally runs a Watercolours club after school for Years 5 and 6 so we were very excited to find that she had come to work with us in Year 2! Anna showed us that we would be painting 1 large circle and 2 smaller ones. We could choose from 3 colours but needed to use a different colour for each circle. We painted the largest one and then pressed a piece of bubble wrap on top to make a pattern. In the first small circle we used wax to draw a picture or wrote our names which then showed up as if by magic when we painted with watercolour! We then scrunched up some white tissue paper, falttened it back out and glued it on to the third circle before painting it with one or more colours. The effect was fabulous and really enjoyed the session. 



The Easter Quarter is underway…

avercamp-winter-scene-skaters-castle-NG1346-fmWe were all glad to be back at school on Wednesday ready for the new Quarter. Holidays are always fun but it is great to get back in a routine!

Our first topic of 2015 is Our Locality and we have already found LJS and Oundle on Google Maps. It was very interesting switching backwards and forwards between the map and satellite views and we really enjoyed dropping the yellow man onto the map and exploring using Streetview. Some of us managed to navigate from LJS to Oundle School swimming pool and we loved spotting the shops in the market place. Next week we are going to try to find our own homes using our postcodes. We did notice that buildngs look very different from a bird’s eye view… Even St Peter’s Church was difficult to spot because the spire was not easily visible from above.

Thursday morning saw us boarding¬†a coach and making our way to Stamford Arts Centre to see Polka Dot Panto’s production of Aladdin. A fantastic time was had by all and Mrs Ormston even managed to make a stage appearance as herself!

On Friday afternoon we found out about a Dutch artist, Hendrick Avercamp and looked carefully at one of his paintings which he painted around 1608-9, over 400 years ago, called ‘A Winter Scene with Skaters near a Castle’. We discussed perspective and the fact that objects and people look smaller when they are further away. We also noticed that the people were not dressed in the same way that we would be if we were ice-skating! We then started work on our own icy scenes, first drawing a faint horizon line and then drawing people, trees and buildings. We have started to colour them in and next week will finish them off by adding a glittery colour wash using pearlescent paint with glitter.

You can find out more about Hendrick Avercamp via the National Gallery link. http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/hendrick-avercamp-a-winter-scene-with-skaters-near-a-castle