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On display…

The corridor outside the Science Room and Year Two has been transformed in the last week or two. The Great Fire has been recreated, complete with Tudor houses, flames and origami boats on the River Thames.
We have also worked in groups to write eyewitness accounts of the fire from different viewpoints. Using Mrs W’s magic dust, we were transformed into the King, the Guardian of the Tower, a resident of Pudding Lane and Thomas Farynor the baker. We then took different roles to record our ideas. In each group there was a scribe or writer, an adjective King or Queen, a capital letter checker, a full stop checker and a spelling checker. We found that we had to talk and listen carefully in order to create our work. It was interesting working in a team and we were all really pleased with the writing that we produced.



London’s Burning!

London’s Burning at LJS! The Year Two children and staff have been busy preparing their corridor display for the past few weeks. Thanks to our lovely TAs the display is now finished and can be seen in this post. The children are delighted to see their hard work on the wall and said they were ‘proud’ and ‘amazed’ to see it up there. It looks stunning – we hope the mummies and daddies will enjoy seeing it on Tuesday evening and that our visitors on Open Morning (Friday 4th October) will enjoy it too.