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Year Two go Coding Crazy!

Our journey into the world of computer coding continued today and we learned a few new tricks including designing our own backgrounds.

We found we could make objects and people disappear as well as move in different directions. Some of us found a slight flaw… it is very confusing if you assign a left movement to a right arrow! A quick reprogram soon sorted that out!

We were also very excited to think that we would be able to save our work to the school gallery and that we can view them from home. Some of the work is in progress or steps in a longer progress – we hope you enjoy taking a look here


Fire, Fire! The Great Fire of London, that is!

Year 2 have been continuing to learn all about the Great Fire of London and the diarist Samuel Pepys. They have found out lots of interesting information about the terrible event in 1666, both in class and in ICT. A particular favourite has been a game based on the fire, in which the children learn at the same time as having fun Рthe very best type of learning! Several children have asked if they can play the game at home so here is the link if you would like to have a go. http://www.fireoflondon.org.uk/game Please note that it is not, unfortunately, iPad friendly as it uses a flash player but it works on either IE or Chrome, unlike Abacus which only works properly on Google Chrome, as some of you have discovered!