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A Minecraft Masterpiece!

Year Two’s Kenyan ‘Unhomework’ continues to delight us! We commented last time that we were wondering what would come in next… Well, over the weekend we were amazed to see ‘Dessert number 1’ being completed in a brilliantly imaginative and unique way – it has been created using Minecraft! M from 2H has used his Minecraft skills to produce this wonderful depiction of the Kenyan flag. Not only that but he has been busy making Kenyan chapatis – and eating them of course!

Also emailed over the weekend was another ‘Safari in a Shoebox’ which used a younger sibling’s toy animals.

More wordsearches, a map and a selection of ‘starters’ and ‘desserts’ have also been sent in this morning – Year 2 have obviously been busy over the weekend… Later on we shall be trying some Kenyan donuts which have been made by J in 2W. We shall report back later with photographic proof and our verdicts!