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A New Year and an Amazing Discovery!

Mrs W, Mrs H, Mrs L and Mrs B were delighted to welcome the new Year 2 pupils to school on Monday morning and we’ve all been enjoying getting to know each other. Nothing had prepared us, however, for the phone call that came in the middle of this morning’s Humanities lesson! We were busy learning about the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys when Mrs L and Mrs B rushed in to say that the LJS gardener was on the phone. Mrs W took the call and excitedly agreed that we would go out to the woodland garden to investigate! The box was apparently near the bird table and we all eagerly headed out to see if we could find it. 

Imagine our amazement when we found the box, complete with a label that stated it was the property of Samuel Pepys and had been buried on 4th September 1666! Having discussed the sorts of things that Samuel Pepys buried in his garden to protect them from the fire, we decided that it would be OK to open it and take a look inside… There was no sign of his famous diary but we worked out that as it had been published many years before, someone else must have found that already. Some of his other treasures were in the box though, namely a bottle of wine and some cheese! Even better news was that somebody had replaced what would surely be very mouldy 350 year old cheese with in-date child-friendly cheese snacks! Some of us ate some of the cheese to check it was safe to eat…

We are loving learning about the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys. James was excited to tell 2W that he had visited the monument to the fire which on the corner of Fish Street Hill stands 61 metres from where the fire started. It is close to Monument tube station in London. If you’re in London, why not take a look? A word of warning though – although the monument is very tall at 202 feet, it is not easy to see until your are next to it and look up as it is surrounded by tall buildings! Click here for more information on the Monument. 



On display…

The corridor outside the Science Room and Year Two has been transformed in the last week or two. The Great Fire has been recreated, complete with Tudor houses, flames and origami boats on the River Thames.
We have also worked in groups to write eyewitness accounts of the fire from different viewpoints. Using Mrs W’s magic dust, we were transformed into the King, the Guardian of the Tower, a resident of Pudding Lane and Thomas Farynor the baker. We then took different roles to record our ideas. In each group there was a scribe or writer, an adjective King or Queen, a capital letter checker, a full stop checker and a spelling checker. We found that we had to talk and listen carefully in order to create our work. It was interesting working in a team and we were all really pleased with the writing that we produced.


Fire, Fire! The Great Fire of London, that is!

Year 2 have been continuing to learn all about the Great Fire of London and the diarist Samuel Pepys. They have found out lots of interesting information about the terrible event in 1666, both in class and in ICT. A particular favourite has been a game based on the fire, in which the children learn at the same time as having fun Рthe very best type of learning! Several children have asked if they can play the game at home so here is the link if you would like to have a go. http://www.fireoflondon.org.uk/game Please note that it is not, unfortunately, iPad friendly as it uses a flash player but it works on either IE or Chrome, unlike Abacus which only works properly on Google Chrome, as some of you have discovered!

An Exciting Discovery!

There was excitement this morning in Year 2 when both 2H and 2W were in the middle of a comprehension lesson. We were just enjoying finding out a bit more about the Great Fire of London when Mrs Laxton rushed in to say she had Ady the LJS gardener on the phone. 2W quickly joined 2H and listened as Mrs W spoke to Ady. It turned out that Ady had been digging in the woodland garden and had found a box with Samuel Pepys written on it. He knew that Y2 were learning about Samuel Pepys and thought that we might like to take a look.

When we got to the garden we found a box with soil and leaves on it with a label which read ‘Property of Samuel Pepys’ – so exciting! We could hardly wait to open it and talked about what we might find…

Inside was a very dusty bottle of wine and a small waxed cheese – if you don’t know why, ask the children! We also found Babybels and Cheese Strings.

When we got back to our classrooms we ate the cheeses whilst discussing what we would write. Great fun and tasty too!












London’s Burning!

London’s Burning at LJS! The Year Two children and staff have been busy preparing their corridor display for the past few weeks. Thanks to our lovely TAs the display is now finished and can be seen in this post. The children are delighted to see their hard work on the wall and said they were ‘proud’ and ‘amazed’ to see it up there. It looks stunning – we hope the mummies and daddies will enjoy seeing it on Tuesday evening and that our visitors on Open Morning (Friday 4th October) will enjoy it too.







We can’t believe it is a week since we last blogged! We have been finishing our Tudor houses for our Great Fire of London display. Having covered our boxes last week, we took great care drawing the detail onto the facades of the houses before painting the wooden beams and doors this afternoon. We are still loving learning about the Great Fire of London!
Earlier in the week we began learning how to create a poster using Publisher. We practised making text boxes for the title and other information. Did you know that a triple click highlights a whole sentence or paragraph? We do in Year Two! Our posters will display information about Samuel Pepys or the Great Fire of London and our teachers are looking forward to creating another lovely display with them.





Welcome to Year 2, 2013 – 2014!

A big welcome to all of our Year 2 pupils and parents. We a fabulous first day in Year 2 yesterday. We talked about what interests us and made posters to illustrate these. They are on display in our classrooms and we are starting to bring in photos, objects and information to add to the display.

It was lovely to welcome lots of parents to our presentation last night; we hope you found it useful and have received a copy of the PowerPoint presentation. Please contact us if you need any further information.

Our first topic is Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London. We are just starting to find out about this amazing event. We are going to be making our very own Tudor houses and so would like the children to bring in empty boxes, especially cereal boxes please.

The link below is one we will be using in school and gives lots of information about Samuel Pepys. Watch out for more links in future blogs!