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Year Two’s Big Print

In Year Two we love a ‘Big Write’: we rearrange the tables in the classroom into a horseshoe shape, put some calming (LED) candles on a table in the middle, add in some soothing background music and write. Today we applied the ‘Big’ principle to another area of the curriculum – art. Today was ‘Big Print’ day although the children spent a few moments guessing what sort of ‘big’ activity lay ahead! Big Write, Big Clay Painting, Big Exam and Big Dream were put forward as suggestions… 

After writing our names on the paper (an important but easily forgotten task!) we chose which colour paint to use for our own string prints. We made the blocks by gluing string on top of the seaside-themed pictures that we drew onto squares of cardboard. We carefully dabbed the paint onto the string before turning the block over and pressing it down onto the paper, whilst not smudging the image. We were really pleased with our work. We talked about how art is creative so it doesn’t always looke exactly like you think it’s going to but that’s ok!

Can you tell what our pictures are? 



A Quick Catch Up…

It’s been a while since our last blog so here are a few photos and a little bit of information about what we’ve been up to!

Well… We’ve had another visit from the RNLI, this time from Mike Major who brought dressing up clothes as well as talking to us about Grace Darling.

We’ve finished our lifeboat and lighthouse models – they look fabulous!

We have raised money for the RNLI by wearing our wellies and doing a treasure hunt. Mrs W was thrilled that the Infants raised £420!

We have made our own string printing cards and printed seaside-themed pictures.

We’ve been pretty busy haven’t we?! Just over a week to the summer holidays and we’re as busy as ever, not to mention pretty hot with the lovely weather.